Stenden Assen

Zeemanstraat 1
9406 BZ Assen
T: +31 592 853 300

Small sized Stenden location, better known under the name of De Eekhorst. A academic course for special modern educational systems. Stenden University Assen is due to their size, specialized in personal courses.

From the central station of Assen, you can take busline 16, 83, 84, 51 of 52. Hop of one stop after the Weiersstraat stop. Cross the street and turn right into the Troelstralaan. After 200 meters you can find Stenden on your right hand side. Or take busline 20 in the direction of Meppel, this bus will stop in front of the building of Stenden.

Studenten city Assen

Maybe you know the famous TT circuit in Assen, it is a well knowed place where all motor and other car sport lovers come together on days of events. But Assen offers events concerning dance and culture as well. Sports, shops and more. You can find it all in Assen. Do you want a room in Assen? Assen offers a various rooms for a good price!

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