Stenden Groningen

Phebensstraat 1
9711 BL Groningen
T: +31 50 311 29 55

Small sized Stenden in the middle of the student city in the north: Groningen. Stenden offers you the academic PABO (Teacher education primary school). Within Stenden, there is offered a workplace, media and book library.

Stenden is located on a walking distance if you are at the central station. Across the road, and pass the bridge next to Groninger Museum. Turn right after the bridge and left at the roundabout. Walk besides the cycling road right into the Phebensstraat. You can find Stenden on your left hand side.


Do you want to study in city fulled with real students? Look no furhter, Groningen is the place for you! A quart of the citizens(200.000) of Groningen is a student. this results in enough student related facilities in the city. Bars/pubs, restaurants, poolpubs, cinema’s and more. Groningen has it al!

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