Ready for your new study? Ready for a new life as student? Excited to meet new friends and oppurtinities?

The StudyStartweek is hosted by Stenden University to kick off the educational year! The week will be filled with all kinds of activities to meet your new classmates and city!

Discover the new educational way of learning (PBL) from Stenden.

Scroll down and click on the Facebook button to subscribe yourself to the Facebook event of the SSW. Do not forget to participate in the Instagram photo contest to win a price!

Instagram Photo Contest

Instagram Photo Contest

iStudy photo contest September '17 starters

Get involved by following the steps on the image:


Stenden University developed an app that you can use before and during the StudyStartweek. Sharp offers from several parties are made for you as a student and are displayed in the app. Learn where your fellow classmates are coming from, have insight in your program during the week and much more!

The app is available for iOS and Android .


Welcome to Stenden!