International Applied Business Administration


Of course, we understand that you want to get to know your future classmates! This is why we, Angela, Suzanne and Ingmar, are going to be hosting your amazing STUDY START WEEK. During two days, you will participate in some great activities and hopefully we will have a lot of fun together! You will also learn some practical things during the SSW to make sure you are ready to start your academic year! The introduction week will be held on the 28th and the 29th of august.

Sign up

Are you going to join the SSW 2017? Amazing! Please send an email to Ria van Zadelhoff (, telling her the great news! We will be looking forward to meeting you!

Cost and payment

The cost of the Study Start Week is 50 euros. It’s very important that you bring this amount, in cash, with you on Monday the 28th of august. Please bring the right amount of cash, because we might not be able to give you any change.


Stay overnight

Make sure you have a place to sleep in Leeuwarden (room, friend, hostel) because the introduction is 2 days! We would like to ask a favour of the students that already have a room in the city: if you have some space left, would you be so kind to share this with another first year IABA student that doesn’t have a place (during the late evening/night)? If you do, please send an email to Thanks in advance!


The booklist can be found on Please select the following:
•Location: Leeuwarden
•Course: Stenden International Applied Business Administration Leeuwarden
•Booklist: International Applied Business Administration, Year 1.

Because the curriculum can change during your study, order your books per year.


Questions in the mean time?

Angela van Baal

Suzanne Hogenboom

Ingmar Messing

Ria v. Zadelhoff – Management Assistant Stenden University – IABA Program


Program International Applied Business Administration

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