International Business & Management Studies (IBMS)

Dear future IBMS student,

Thank you for your application for our IBMS program! Most of you already received this information and already registered for the SSW and for our FB page.
The introduction week, the StudyStartWeek, for all first year students will take place from Monday 28 August till Thursday 31 August 2017. It is the kick-off of your study at Stenden in Leeuwarden. During the StudyStartWeek you will get to know your fellow students and the IBMS teachers and also get a lot of useful and practical information which is necessary to have a good start here at IBMS.
You will see how beautiful the province of Friesland is and also get a lot of useful and practical information that is necessary to have a good start here at IBMS.
On Tuesday you will leave for the beautiful island of Terschelling. Please bring a pillow, sleeping bag, a matras cover and something to eat and drink.
The introduction week will start on Monday 28 August 2017 with a general introduction about the IBMS program at Stenden. In addition several activities will be organized during this week to get to know the city of Leeuwarden and explore the beautiful island Terschelling. The programme of the SSW.
Costs Study Startweek
The costs of the Study Startweek are 100 euros. You can pay the amount via the webshop via this link.
Please log in as a relation of Stenden
If you do not have a Dutch bank account, you might not be able to pay via the Webshop. In that case you can fill in this form and send it by email to
We have a Facebook group. You can join this group via the link below.
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IBMS: September 2017
Literature list
Click here for the literature list for year 1 IBMS. You can buy your books via or
Curriculum overview
Attached is the curriculum overview of IBMS. In this overview you see the courses per module.
To participate in the StudyStartWeek, you have to pre-register by sending an email to You can also ask questions via this email address or via
Study Start
Your first module will start on Monday, 4 September 2017.
In case you do not join the SSW
We strongly advise to join the study startweek because it is a good start for the study year. In case you are not able to join, please visit our information class on the 4th of September at 9.15. The location of this class is room 1.31 at Stenden university.