Central Perk

Welcome aboard to our team, whether you’re an international or a local student.  We are excited to meet you and to get to know you. Your expectations towards NHLStenden as well as towards students are our topic of interest. We understand that you might have questions and you would like some tips from experienced students. We might have it all. Therefore this workshop is organized.

For students arriving in the Netherlands, we give all sorts of advice on finding a new place, friends, hobbies, or issues. Also for locals, we like to discuss all problems that you might encounter, logistical or social issues.  We would like to invite you to several workshops. The workshop ‘How to become a Central Perker’ will be an eye-opener to the diverse population and beliefs of Central Perk.

Serious information: Central Perk is an institutional project commissioned by Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, ECHO. Expertise Center for Diversity Policy.

We, students of NHLStenden, proudly run this project and welcome you to join us. Central Perk stands for equity, hospitality and inclusivity. We support diversity in all forms and shapes. We value these beliefs and want to recruit you to follow them as well!  Bring your own diversity – become a Central Perker.

Workshop ‘’How to become a Central Perker’ is held on Study Start Week 2021. During the workshop you will meet other like-minded people. You will introduce yourself in a form of a game, have a small snack & chat and most likely make new friends. At the end you will receive something memorable from us and obtain a proud title of Central Perker! Holders of this title must bring the values of inclusivity, equity, hospitality and diversity throughout their studies. All students are welcome!

Have fun and grab your chance to be there!