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Best prospective student

We are glad to welcome you at NHL Stenden, you are currently at the start of the study Hotel Management School NHL Stenden Ad. We would like to invite you for the Study Start Week of the Associate degree!

The programme start at Monday, the 23rd of August till the Thursday, 26th of August. The week after, we have the onboarding week and detailed information will follow.

Monday (23rd of August)

Start and end time Activity Description Location
1 – 3 Welcome to students Welcoming students and check for registration De Haak
3 – 5 Getting to know each other Meeting your fellow students and get to know each other (games + tour) De Haak
8 pm Pub crawl High light the hotspots from the nightlife of Leeuwarden City centre Leeuwarden
End of programme

Tuesday (24th of August, 2021)

Start and end time Activity Description Location
12.30 – 5.30 Tour through Leeuwarden We’ll do a tour through the city centre of Leeuwarden including games etc. Leeuwarden
5.30 – till it lasts Bajas beach Welcome for the whole academy by Marco ten Hoorn incl. dinner Blokhuispoort
End of programme

Wednesday (25th of August)

Start and end time Activity Description Location
12.30 – 8.30 (evening) Grolloo Park Grolloo – Joytime, we will leave at 12.30 with busses (Rengerslaan) to Grolloo. Have a few activities over there with Ad location Emmen including a BBQ. Grolloo Joytime
10.00 pm Themed party in club RED Theme: Coachella (entree including one/two drinks) Club RED (Leeuwarden)
End of programme

Thursday (26th of August)

Start and end time Activity Description Location
1 – 3.30 pm Game ‘crazy 88’ Welcome and games (crazy 88) De Haak (rusty building) and city centre
3.30 – 4.30 pm Closing off Closing off the week and provide information for the onboarding week De Haak (rusty building)
8.00 pm Festival IoVivat festival: into the wild ?
End of programme

Good to bring list       

For the whole week: good mood 😉

  • Tuesday: swimming/sports clothes (something that can get wet) + set for the evening (dinner Bajas beach)
  • Wednesday: sports clothes / comfy clothes (Grolloo Joytime)
  • Thursday: a bike makes the chance of ‘winning’ bigger

Price and payment

€75,00 via the online

Additional costs: pub crawl (Monday evening) is partly for own account, also the theme party (Wednesday evening), festival on Thursday evening. Additional costs are for example if you want to eat in town between activities like the Monday evening, Thursday evening.


  • Vera Heezen: +31 (0)6 43 44 11 76 (SSW)
  • Yldau Bult: +31 (0)6 53 80 13 06 (SSW)
  • Zoï Nordbeck: +31 (0)6 43 43 71 61  (SSW)
  • Elke Wagenaar: +31 (0)6 30 38 34 27 (SSW and educational programme)

Social media

Study start

Onboarding 31th of August, official classes 6th of September.