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Dear International Business student,

Thank you for your application for International Business programme. We wish to welcome you officially to our study programme International Business at the NHL Stenden University in Leeuwarden as of September 2019.

Please be informed that the Study Start Week runs from Monday 26th of August till Thursday 29th of August 2019. During this week we will introduce you to International Business and your fellow students. It is strongly advised to join the Study Start Week to have a good start of your study program. Please register for the Study Start Week, via e-mail:

The introduction week will start on Monday 26th of August 2019 with a general introduction at NHL Stenden. In addition, several activities will be organized during this week to get to know your fellow students, teachers and the city of Leeuwarden.


Monday 26 August

Start Till Activity Description Location
9.00 10.00 Registration Register for Study Start Week NHL Stenden south (with the red windows)
10.00 11.00 Welcome Opening Study Start Week 2.48 (NHL Stenden south)
11.00 11.30 Speeddate Get to know each other in 2 minutes  
11.30 12.30 Treasure hunt Get to know the building NHL Stenden South
12.30 13.00 Lunch Lunch delivered by Barrevoets NHL Stenden
13.00 13.30 Walk Walk to the city centre Wilhelminaplein, Oldehove
13.30 14.00 Official part Speech of the maire, board Squares
14.00 17.00 Guided tour Get to know Leeuwarden City
17.00 17.30 Closure Closure guided tour Oldehove
17.30 21.00 BBQ Meet and eat Oldehove
21.00   Pubcrawl Get to know the pubs of Leeuwarden Don’t forget to bring some cash money City centre

Tuesday 27 August

Start Till Activity Description Location
10.00 11.00 Departure Bus to location Don’t forget to bring a matrass cover, pillow cover and quilt cover and a towel for showering + swimming clothes/towel for water activities – also check the list good to bring below In front of the square between the 2 NHL Stenden buildings
11.00 13.00 Arrival Welcome and lunch – please bring your own lunch Fries en Fruitig, Sneek
13.00 17.00 Activities Activities on the Frisian water Fries en Fruitig, Sneek
18.00 19.00 Dinner   Fries en Fruitig, Sneek
20.00   Activities Evening programme  

Wednesday 28 August

Start End Activity Description Location
tba   Breakfast   Fries en Fruitig
tba   Activity    
tba   Leave    

Thursday 29 August

14.00 15.30 Lecture Studying in an international setting – Peter de Boer, Maria Angeles Sanchez de Carrascal 0.63
16.00 17.00 Drinks Get together Campus Café
17.30   Dinner Have dinner with your buddy group – this is on your own expense, please bring (cash) money) City
    Party Party at Hemmingway Hemmingway
End of the programme

Good to bring

  • A bottle of water and a snack on day 1 and 4
  • Lunch for Tuesday
  • Passport or ID card
  • Matrass cover
  • Pillow cover
  • Quilt cover, sheetTowel + soap (shower)
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Clothes which might get dirty
  • New set of clothes
  • Warm clothes for the evening program
  • Swimming clothes/towel
  • Sun cream
  • Some cash money for taxi, bus or to buy a drink
  • Cash money to pay dinner on Thursday

Price and payment

Participation on the Study Start Week is strongly recommended. The programme includes 1 lunch, 2 dinners and all activities. The price is set at € 90 and should be paid via the webshop.

Choose: academie commerce & International business: Leeuwarden:  SSW International business Sep19

Booklist and ordening

You will receive your booklist via email and you can find it on Studystore and on Studystartweek. Please wait with ordering your books until July because there might be some changes.


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Ortrun Oppedijk:

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Start of the study

Classes will start on the 2nd of September 2019.