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In September you will start your new study Tourism Management at NHL Stenden. In the week before your study start, the StudieStartWeek takes place, the introduction week for all new first-year students Tourism Management.

During the StudyStartWeek you will get to know your fellow students, the Tourism Management Staff, NHL Stenden, our educational system and the city of Leeuwarden.

The StudyStartWeek  is taking place from Monday 26 August till Thursday 29 August. We would like to ask you to be present on Monday 26th August between 9:00 and 11:00 o’clock in the Central Hall (Rengerslaan 8) for the registration and start of the StudyStartWeek.


Monday 26 August

Start End Activities Description Location
09:00 11:00 Registration You will receive your welcome package Rengerslaan 8, Leeuwarden
11:00 11:40 Introduction Introduction of Tourism Management: SSW team, NHL Stenden, lecturers, Buddy Programme
11:45 13:00 Lunch Offered by Stura
13:00 16:00 LEIP!
19:30 ?? Leip! / PubCrawl This part of the programme is up to the groups.

Tuesday 27 August

Start End Activities Description
10:00 11:55 Treasure Hunt City Tour Leeuwarden
12:00 13:00 Lunch Offered by Stura
13:00 18:00 Teambuilding
18:00 21:00 Campus Café
21:00 ?? PubCrawl Together with Leisure & Events Management

Wednesday 28 August

Start End Activities Description
11:00 12:00 Scavenger Hunt Get to know the school better
12:00 14:00 Lunch Offered by Stura
14:00 17:00 Climbing
19:30 21:00 Pre-Drinks
21:00 ?? Pleisure Party XXL

Thursday 29 August

Start End Activities Description
11:00 14:30 Sports Day
14:30 15:30 Lunch Offered by Dominos Pizza
15:30 16:00 Preparation Time
16:00 17:30 Presentatoin
19:30 21:00 Pre-drinks
21:00 ?? STURA PARTY
End of programme

Good to bring

  • Bag/backpack for putting in all received information/PBL kits/lunch packages
  • International students should know their payment details (BIC and IBAN) and student number for filling in the payment form (it is NOT possible to pay cash)
  • Comfortable shoes and warm clothes for all days (when walking through the city, etc.)
  • Sports or comfortable clothes for the sports activities
  • Umbrella
  • Check the weather forecast for each day – be prepared for changes (rain, wind, sun)
  • Drinks and snacks for in-between
  • Passport, ID card

Price and payment

The costs for the StudyStartWeek package and programme are  € 75,– per person. To participate in the StudyStartWeek, you have to pre-register. Registration and payment (by credit card) can be done via this link.

When registering, choose Academie Leisure & Tourism, location Leeuwarden and StudyStartWeek Tourism Management.

Should online payment not work, then this will be arranged during the registration on the 26th of August.

We advise you to take part in the StudyStartWeek.

If you are unable to join the StudyStartWeek, please inform us before the 22nd of August by sending an e-mail to  If you can’t join some time during the week, you can also report this before 08:30 am at the Frontdesk of  Tourism Management via the phone number: +31 (0)58 2441363

Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme helps you to have a good introduction to the University.

Booklist and ordering

Students starting in September 2019 can order their books via Of course, you can also buy them in other book shops or second hand.


For now, we hope to have informed you sufficiently. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on or telephone  0031 (0)58 2441363. If you have any questions about the StudyStartWeek, you can contact us on


Buddy Programme
Tourism Management offers you the chance of having a buddy, to receive some support in the beginning of your study. A student (buddy) of the second or third year assists you during your first module at NHL Stenden in terms of helping you out to get familiar with Tourism Management and more. Interested? More info and the possibility to register can be found in the attachment.

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