To experience Leeuwarden even better, download the application in the store! It can be found under the name of Stenden SSW!

NHL Stenden Leeuwarden

Rengerslaan 8-10
8917 DD Leeuwarden
T: +31 088 991 7000
E: studeren@nhlstenden.com


Libary Leeuwarden Centre

The public libary in the city center, in case you want a relaxed place to study or reading a book. (more information).

Central Station Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden Central, the site refers to NS(Dutch Railing Company) for more information about departures. (NS).

Leeuwarden City of studies

Leeuwarden city of studies(Leeuwarden Studiestad) is a foundation made for students, we are here for you to inform you about all nice activites. We are more than happy to have you here. Wooohoo!

We are not only here for entertainment, but you can contact us for all matters concerning; renting a room, sports, several parties and workshops. And we supply you with all kinds of information about the studentlife in Leeuwarden. (more information).

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden

The MCL is the hospital of Leeuwarden (more information).

City office of Leeuwarden

For all matters concerning govnerment issues (more information).


De Centrale

In the past 20 years, shopping mall De Centrale has been growing to one of the most important malls in Friesland.  (more information).


The thrift shop of Leeuwarden. (more information).

Kleine Kerkstraat

The best shopping alley of 2010 and 2012. You can find multiple shops here. (more information).


The Wilhelminasquare is one of the squares in Leeuwarden where a lot of events will take place every year. It is surrounded by restaurants and bars.

Food & Drinks

’t Pannekoekschip

For the classis Dutch Pancakes and more, visit this ship(close to the ABN Ambro)! (more information).

3JO Campus Café

Perfect during your break or right after your test, in opposite of Stenden and the NHL. (more information).

Double B

Double B stands for Beer & Burgers and Back to Basic. A new company with a classic touch!  (meer informatie).

McDonalds Leeuwarden Centrum

Witch city does not have a MacDonalds? You can find two in Leeuwarden!


Club Red

Red, the club of Leeuwarden. Invites exciting DJ’s and artists every year. Service and Quality is the number one priority of this club and Red hosts every Thursday an studentnight. (more information).

Feestcafé Scooters

Musicbar Scooters, for all your classic pop & rock music!(more information).

Club Hemingway

Opened her doors at 2011. A different style of music and athmosphere, popular at the German Student.(more information).

Café de Kantelaar

Bite, Drink and experience. The words of Café de Kantelaar. Oldschool pub in combination with dancing. (more information).

Bar Bascule

One of the most popular bars in Leeuwarden. Made for student, every night discount if you show your studentcard. (more information).



5 massive areas for the latest movies. (more information).

Tivoli Theater

Beautiful cinema in the city center of Leeuwarden. (more information).

Hestia Student Lounge

Hestia Sudent lounge is located just a hop away from the main entrance of Stenden university and consists of two houses. Since the lounge was opened in 2002 students can visit the facilities daily from 11:00 AM till 6:00 PM to study, relax, socialise or meet with their module assignment groups or classes. the idea is to provide a home away from home for Dutch and international students with an intercultural atmosphere.


Magical place in Leeuwarden. A theater, a bar and club. You can find it all in the Neushoorn(Rhino). (more information).

Poolcafé Big Ben

Big Ben is an dance and poolcafé. The host several tournaments during the year. (more information).

SC Cambuur

The local football club(2nd divsion) (more information).


Leeuwarden has several canals right through Leeuwarden. this company offers boats and more for a nice afternoon in the sun! (more information).