Leisure & Events Management


In September you will start your new study Leisure & Events Management at NHL Stenden. In you first school-week, the StudieStartWeek takes place. An introduction week for all new first-year students Leisure & Events Management.

This week is full of fun and educational activities. We introduce you to the school, the city, your fellow students and the study program. It promises to be a super week! The theme of the Study Start Week 2020 ‘Cyber Invasion’. You will be invited to join the StudyStartWeek via an e-mail.


Coming Soon! Check this website for more information: Leisure & Events Management SSW

Good to bring list

When you have registered for the Leisure & Events Management education, you will receive an email in which you can register for the SSW. If you have registered, you will receive an information package for the SSW. It contains exactly what is convenient to take with you.

Price and payment

The costs for this week are € 25.00 per person. This includes all online activities. When you accept the invitation that you receive by email, you can pay this payment online during your registration for the Leisure & Events Management StudyStartWeek.

Booklist and ordering

The booklist of Leisure & Events Management can be found on the following website: Studystore. Studystore is the selected supplier of NHL Stenden and provides all students with a 10% discount on their study books. Nevertheless, you are also allowed to purchase your books second-hand.


Do you have questions? Send an email to Studystartweek2020@gmail.com. This email account is managed by the organizing students of the Leisure & Events Management Study Start Week. These are Leonie Possehl, Nele Brüning, Leonie Knöfel, Alvin Boekelo & Virginia Fricke. Or take a look at our website!

Social media

We use Facebook & Instagram for the StudyStartWeek!

Also follow stura.lem on Instagram. Our student council will help you with anything and everything during your education!


The first week starts on August 31, 2020, and is combined with the StudyStartWeek. In addition to all the fun, classes and lectures will also take place this week.