Leisure & Events Management


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In February you will start your new study Leisure & Events Management at NHL Stenden. In your first school week, Study Start Week takes place. An introduction week for all new first-year students in Leisure & Events Management.

This week is full of fun and educational activities. We introduce you to the school, the city, your fellow students, and the study program. It promises to be a super week! The theme of the Study Start Week 2022 ‘Lekker Nederlands’ – Nova Zembla. You will be invited to join the Study Start Week via e-mail, approximately mid of January.


The program may change due to the Covid-19 situation.

Tuesday 25th of January 2022


Start and end time Activity Description Location
09.45 Registration of the new students



Please make sure you completed the payment in advance via http://webshop.nhlstenden.com

Future Lab LEM
10.30 Workshop STURA Workshop – tools for studying Auditorium 2.11
13.00 Break Lunch break Future Lab LEM
14.00 Treasure hunt Get to know university NHL Stenden university
15.30 Break time
17.30 Movie Movie night Auditorium 2.11
End of programme


Wednesday 26th of January 2022


Start and end time Activity Description Location
9:30 Brunch Het Leven
12:00 Get to know the city of Leeuwarden City centre
18:00 T.B. A T.B.A.
End of programme


Thursday 27th of January 2022


Start and end time Activity Description Location
10:00 Ice -skating Ice – skating De Elfstedenhal
12:00 Lunch break
14:00 End of the SSW End ceremony NHL Stenden
End of programme


Good to bring list     

Please remember to have the following items at hand during the StudyStartWeek:


  1. Bicycle.
  2. ID or passport.
  3. Bank card or cash money

Price and payment

Participation on the Study Start Week is strongly recommended. The programme includes lunch, dinners, and all activities. The price is set at €55 and should be paid via the webshop. The webshop will be open in the middle of January

Booklist and ordering

Studystore is the selected supplier of NHL Stenden and provides all students with a 10% discount on their study books. Nevertheless, you are also allowed to purchase your books second-hand.

Find your booklist on Studystore.


Contact person: Gabriela Tsoneva

If you have any questions or are unable to participate for any reason; then you can reach us via +359888066354 , email gabriela.tsoneva@student.nhlstenden.com  or ssw.lem@student.nhlstenden.com

Social media

Via this website you can find all information needed, and other Study Start Week social media accounts: https://www.adventureunknown.nl/

 Study start
The classes begin on the 31st of January 2022