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In September you will start your new study Master Content & Media Strategy (MCMS) at NHL Stenden. Welcome! We look forward to meeting you and we find it important that you start your studies well informed and that you get to know your fellow students before your first block starts at September 2nd. Therefore, we developed two introduction days for you. Since we also included workshops in the programme, it is particularly important to attend these introduction days! We look forward to seeing you there!

The introduction days for the Master Content & Media Strategy are scheduled at Thursday 29 and Friday 30 August 2019.


Thursday August 29

Start End Activity What Where
10.00 11.00 Registration Registration Registration desk in front of the learning company
11.00 12.00 Welcome presentation   Introduction to MCMS by the academy director, programme coordinator and core lecturers 0.63
12.00 12.45 Tour through school Students will show you the routing and most important places on campus  
12.45 13.45 Lunch We provide you with a lunchbox. Aside from eating, have some time to interact with each other and with us Canteen
13.45 14.30 Information session Have a kick-start: Get to know the most important practicalities about your studies Tentamenhal
14.30 14.45 Presentation ISA Learn about the International Student Association of Leeuwarden Tentamenhal
14.45 17.00 Social activity Get to know each other in a pressure cooker t.b.c.
17.30 t.b.c. Off to diner We offer you a dinner! So, eat, drink and have fun! Restaurant Saray

Friday August 30

Start End Activity What Where
10.00 11.00 Presentations MCMS Learn from the masters! Experts in the domain of content and media strategy share their experiences  Z-1.55  
11.00 13.00 Workshop  What about design thinking? Learn about this iterative method to solve complex problems to prepare for your studies t.b.c.  
13.00 14.00 lunch Lunchbox pickup Canteen
14.00 17.00 Cases Content & Media Strategy Introduction workshops from the core lecturers about the main themes of MCMS: Content Strategy, Content Creation and Content Implementation Z-2.48
End of Programme

Good to bring

  • Bicycle
  • ID or passport
  • Bank card or cash money

Price and payment

The costs for the introduction days will be covered by the Academy of Communication and Creative Business.

Booklist and ordering

The booklist of MCMS can be found at Studystore. Studystore is the selected supplier of NHL Stenden and provides all students with a 10% discount on their study books. Of course, you are also allowed to purchase your books elsewhere or second-hand.


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Programme coordinator: Bianca Harms:

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Study start

The classes start at Monday September 2nd.