Practical information

Ready for your new student life? To experience your new study, city and your fellow classmates? The StudyStartWeek is hosted by NHL Stenden to give you a warm welcome in your student city. In this week you will find your way around the campus and city. On this page you will find useful guides, tutorials and information about your book list.

Are you curious how your journey to a succesfull career will go? Take the metro, and find every important stop on the map. 1st stop: the start of your study!

Take the metro

To give you a heartfelt welcome to NHL Stenden after the summer holiday, you get to pick up your very own NHL Stenden sweater during the StudyStartWeek of in your first week of classes*. Once your admission is confirmed, you’ll get an email from us in the post. Take this card with you when you come to the StudyStartWeek or in your first week of class and we’ll swap it for a sweater in the size and colour you want (NB as long as stocks last). Make sure you bring ID with you so we know it’s really you!

If you can’t make it on one of the collection dates or you’ve lost your card, don’t worry. This great gift will still be waiting for you. You’ll get more information in your NHL Stenden mailbox.

*Details in your mailbox

It´s important to complete your application for NHL Stenden. On this page you can read everything about your enrolment for your course. On the page of your study programma you can read more about the registration for the StudyStartWeek.

The booklist can be found on Please select the following:

    • Location: Location of your NHL Stenden University
    • Course: Choose the course that you are going to follow
    • Booklist: Course name + Year 1.

Because the curriculum can change during your study, order your books per year. It’s possible to get your studybooks second hand.

The NHL Stenden guide (campus Leeuwarden) is intented to help you with: handy maps, information on facilities within NHL Stenden and relevant contact details on information points. This NHL Stenden information guide is intended for students in Emmen.

In the following document you’ll find the ICT Quick Guide with information regarding the NHL Stenden Wi-Fi network.

Lastly, we’ve set aside everything you need to know about support during your study.

A new school means a new learning environment. Due to the developments regarding the coronavirus, part of the education at our University of Applied Sciences is provided from home. NHL Stenden offers a variety of digital facilities for this purpose. On this page you will find more information and tips for setting up online education.

Furthermore, Lucas has prepared tutorials to get you started with the digital learning environment of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Watch his tutorials and discover more about Blackboard, Progress, Schedules, Office and

Are you still looking for a room in your student city? No worries, there are enough alternatives for you! Next to classmates, who might have an extra place for a fellow student, there are several websites to book a room for a night. Some studies offer other ways to make sure that you have a place to sleep! Check your course.

There’s a Facebook page for students that are looking for housing. You also have the possibility to rent a room on campus. In Emmen you have the possibility to find a room here.

Central Perk hosts a few fun activities during the StudyStartWeek. Will we see you there?

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Student training courses

To feel successful, you can sometimes use some additional help. Next to the modules of your study programme, StudentSuccesCentre offers you inspiration and support in the shape of free training courses or workshops. You can follow these at your own wish in addition to your study programme. Learn how to study more efficiently, develop yourself and improve your well-being. Our course catalogue is diverse and changes every term. Please check this website for more information and enrollment.

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Pak de metro wanneer je antwoord zoekt op jouw studievragen. In de interactieve Metrokaart hebben we allerlei informatie gebundeld. Hier vind je informatie van aanmelding tot inschrijving en welke ondersteuning er mogelijk is. 1e stop: de start van jouw opleiding.