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Dear future Hoteliers,

In order to start at StendenHMS we recommend you to attend the Study Start Week (SSW). The Study Start Week will be organized from the 26th of January until the 5th of February, excluding weekends (no scheduled activities on Saturdays and Sundays). In these 2 weeks you will receive a full introduction to the schools’ curriculum and do different games like Escape Rooms, workshops and masterclasses guided by student associations and industry professionals. And what’s best, you are going to do these fun things together with your “Homegroup”, who are going to be your classmates for the first period of your studies.

Furthermore, you and your group mates will have two well experienced and motivated students as hosts, who will guide you through your onboarding period, and help you during your first few months at Stenden HMS. The fitting day of the suits is on Monday the 25th of January and mandatory. Register for your fitting day via this link. We cannot wait to welcome you at Stenden Hotel Management School!


The Study Start Week will take place from 26th of January 2021 until 5th of February 2021

Week 1

Tuesday 26th of January
Time Activity Location
10:00-12:00 Registration* HMS Building
12:00-16:00 Get to know each other / Educational challenge 1 HMS Building
17:00-18:00 “International Student Survival Guide” (by ISA, HNS, Dionysus & Hungary Ambassador Team)



17:00-18:00 Presentation for family and friends Online


Wednesday 27th of January
Time Activity Location
10:30-11:00 Check in Online
11:00-14:00 Escape Room Session 1 Online
15:00-16:30 DBE intro with Tjeerd Zandberg + Q&A Online
20:00-21:30 Bingo Music Quiz Online


Thursday 28th of January
Time Activity Location
10:00– 11:00 Introduction to educational systems workshop HMS Building
11:00-13:00 Educational challenge 2 HMS Building
14:00-15:30 Student Association Workshops Online
18:30 Dinner box cooking Online


Friday 29th of January 
Time Activity Location
10:00-10:30 Check in Online
10:30 – 13:30 Escape room Online
14:30 – 15:00 Landing week 1 Online
15:00-17:00 Hospitality festival Online

*Your specific registration time will be communicated with you via WhatsApp

Week 2

Monday 1st of February  
Time Activity Location
12:00-12:15 Opening week 2 Online
12:15-13:15 DBE Blitz by Niels van Felius + Q&A Online
14:00-15:00 Preperation Hackathon Online


Tuesday 2nd of February  
Time Activity Location
9:00-16:00 Day one Postillion DBE Hackathon (Curriclum)  HMS Building
09:00-09:20 Opening by Postillion Hotels by Erik-Jan Ginjaar Online
09:20-09:50 The World of Postillion by Mark Struik Online
10:00-11:30 Building a Campaign by Kim van Velzen Online
11:30-12:30 Design Thinking in short by Jeroen Kraak Online
15:00-15:10 Check-in with experts Online


Wednesday 3rd of February  
Time Activity Location
11:00-17:00 Day two Postillion DBE Hackathon (Curriclum)  HMS Building
11:00-11:15 Check-in with experts Online
15:00-15:15 Check-in with experts Online
16:00-17:00 Museum of Now HMS Building


Thursday 4th of February   
Time Activity Location
10:00-17:00 Day three Postillion DBE Hackathon (Curriclum)  HMS Building
10:00-10:15 Check-in with experts Online
17:00 Submit video and description Online


Friday 5th of February   
Time Activity Location
14:00-15:00 Introduction to Ateliers Online
16:30-17:30 Showrona + Announcement DBE Hackathon Online


Good to bring

– ID / Passport

Price and payment

Participation on the StudyStartWeek is strongly recommended. The price of SSW is €75, you can register here.


The booklist is available on Study Store! This booklist contains mandatory books and recommended books for first and second-year International Hospitality Students. The students get a 5% discount on Dutch publications and 10% discount on International publications. There are no post/delivery costs that students need to pay.

Side note: you do not necessarily need to purchase the books right away, we recommend that you ask your teachers of each study period would be handy to own by yourself, and which you can just lend out in the NHL Stenden library, which gives online and offline options free of charge if returned on time.


Jaime C.H. Dickson
Career Development and Student Engagement Team Leader 
Stenden Hotel Management School 

Anna Ossadtsenko, Casper Nieuwerf, Luise Schulz  
Host Coordinators  
Stenden Hotel Management School  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the following contact details:

Phone number: +31 6 23148056

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Study Start

If you do not attend the Study Start Week, then the classes will start on 8th of February. Please be aware that the second week of Study Start Week (01-02-2021 / 05-02-2021) is an introduction to Designed Based Education (DBE) and because of this it is highly recommended to attend.