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iStenden is the information portal of Stenden. It provides university-wide information, messaging and via iStenden surf to Stenden information systems such as schedules, study points and blackboard (ELO).


Blackboard (ELO) is the virtual learning environment os Stenden. It provides particular study-related information.


Progress is the registration system in which study points are registered and where you can subscribe for tests and minors..


At iStudy we provide you with specialist support and guidance, concerning your studies. We offer the following services:

  • Your registration and de-registration
  • Studielink
  • Progress registration of points
  • Information about study programs
  • Information about study abroad/exchange
  • Appointments with the student counselors
  • (class)Room reservations
  • Provide help with filling out forms

iStudy Leeuwarden
+31(0) 58 244 11 00

iStudy Emmen
+31(0) 591 853 192


For up to date books, magazines or literature, you will come to the library of one of the five Stenden locations.

You will find the library online too! Besides the Stenden Catalogue, you can dispose of a number of FULL-TEXT DATABASES. Go to

Library Leeuwarden
+31(0) 58 244 17 17

Library Emmen
+31(0) 591 853 172


Studentzaken is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Subscription of national and international students
  • Support for international students concerning;
    • Visa
    • Residence permit
    • Insurance
    • Doctor
    • Dentist

+31(0) 58 244 19 30
+31(0) 58 244 19 40


You can organize your subscription at Stenden at . Studentbusiness will inform you when it is possible to sign up for the Stenden courses.

This is your own responsibility, so you arrange your affairs in time!


All matters concerning the payment of your college and more, please visit the Debit Centre.

Stenden will write of your college payment at the following data:


Consequences of not paying your college:

  • Your student account will be blocked
  • The case will be handed over to another party(collection agency)
  • You can not pay your college money separately anymore

SelfServiceDesk & ICT

Department Facilities & ICT is responsible for all ICT related matters and the support of audiovisuals within Stenden.  For technical difficulties concerning the ict in Stenden, please visit

You can buy several services for your laptop and study with discount at the site This includes: Microsoft, Adobe en SPSS. Login on their website with your Stenden e-mail account en password.


Het deean is the central point for support with all matters concerning private affairs and study related business.

  • Study delay
  • Study with a handicap or long term illness
  • Study in combination with topsport
  • Personal problems
  • Studyskills and time management
  • Financial matters
  • Study courses and choices
  • Law related affairs

The dean will offer several trainings and workshops to prevent study delay and improve your time management.

Decanaat Leeuwarden
+31(0) 58 244 11 00

Decanaat Emmen
+31(0) 58 244 11 00

Student Mobility Centre (SMC)

Experience all the services Stenden offers if it comes to going abroad :


Discover the world! Go on grandtour and visit one of our campuses for your minor or regular course: South Africa, Bali, Thailand or Qatar. Visit or visit the grandtour office!

+31(0) 58 244 14 66


Organize your own exchange and expand your network! You have the option to study one semester at one of our partner universities in or outside of the Netherlands. More information about the portfolio and partner schools, please visit or go the office of the SMC room 0.43 (Stenden Leeuwarden).

+31(0) 58 244 14 66


Finished your course? Time for an internship and experience the real world! Go for an exciting company to finish your study and write your thesis, the industry placement office(opposite of the service desk at the first floor) will support you with your choice and show you all the options when it comes to your internship!

Een-loket-Faciliteit (ELF)

For all complaints and suggestions of improvement and other questions related to these subjects, visit the ELF.


The student card is your proof of following a course at Stenden, do not lose this! It supports you as well with the following aspects:

  • Usage of the printers and parking spots at Stenden
  • Library and ICT materials
  • Identification at tests.

Je kunt de studentenkaart opwaarderen via iDeal, zie Voor het opwaarderen via iDeal heb je een Nederlands bankrekeningnummer nodig!


  • Leeuwarden +31(0) 58 244 12 34
  • Emmen +31(0) 591 853 666
  • What to do at an emergencies: