student city groningen

You´re going to study in Groningen. The city is filled with students, a quart of the citizens (200.000) of Groningen is studying. This results in enough student related facilities in the city. Bars/pubs, restaurants, poolpubs, cinema’s and more. Groningen has it al! More information about:

Eemsgolaan 17

9727 DW Groningen
T: +31 58 251 2200

From September 2020, Teacher Education for Primary Schools (Pabo), Academic Pabo and International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITEss) will move to our NHL Stenden location Groningen Eemsgolaan. This new place will become a unilocation of NHL Stenden in Groningen.

After an amazing summer, it’s time to take a deep dive into student life! Studying is more than just collecting your diploma in the end. This period is life-changing, you will become independent and determine your own direction in life. The StudentSuccessCentre encourages you to get the best out of yourself, and be as successful as possible. We offer several options to navigate on your way. For example, take a free course and learn to balance your study load, yourself or your budget. For all general questions you can turn to Student Info. In case of personal circumstances our student counselors are available and we have study choise advisors if you have any doubts. Find us: StudentSucces at