Ready for your new studentlife? Experiencing your new study, city and your fellow classmates? The Studystartweek is hosted by NHL Stenden to give you a warm welcome in Leeuwarden. In this week we hope that you find yourself more known in the school and city. During this week, several activities will be held to bond with your classmates. Important topics will be mentioned, like our educational system DBE (Design Based Education), by your host and for all questions, do not hesitate to ask! We hope that you will have a lot of fun during this week!

Design Based Education
You do not only study at NHL Stenden in the school desks. Moreover; we encourage students to discover what happens in practice. That is why we opt for a challenging new education concept: Design Based Education (DBE). Students work in studios with current issues from the field. They work closely together with fellow students and with organizations and companies. Together they look for innovative solutions and ideas for practical issues

More information about your program and SSW? You find it on your course program.


It is very important that you finish your subscription at the university via, if you do not subscribe, you can not start your study. This topic has to be priority number one and make sure that your DigiD is working. On the page of your course you can find more information about signing up for the StudyStartWeek

Drinks & Food

The program of your course will explain you what to expect when it comes to food & drinks.

Stay overnight

Still do not have a room in Leeuwarden or Emmen? No worries, there are enough alternatives for you! Next to classmates, whom maybe have an extra place for a fellow student, there are several websites to book a room for a night. Some studies offer other ways to make sure that you have a place to sleep! Check your course.

For Leeuwarden there is a Facebook page for students that are looking for housing, click here for the link. You also have the possibility to rent a room on campus, the link can be found here.

In Emmen you have the possibility to find a room in this link.


Do not forget to bring:

You can find a standard list on points you really can not forget to bring during the SSW:

  • ID/pasport
  • Cash
  • Sportclothes
  • Backpack
  • Bicycle
  • Snacks